Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our company. The management of Rawa Stahlhandel GmbH takes data protection very seriously. You may visit our website without stating any personal data. Should you wish to make use of special services on our website, the processing of your personal data might be mandatory. In case of any processing of your personal data, also without a statutory requirement, we will ask for your consent.

Processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the DS-GVO (Data Protection Act). By means of this declaration of privacy our company intends to inform the public how and to what extend personal data is colleted, used and processed. Furthermore we provide mandatory information concerning your rights.

We store your personal data with adequate technical as well as organisational measures and thus ensure that third-party access is not possible. In communication via email we cannot guarantee the complete protection of your personal data, as it may be subject to security breaches. We therefore recommend sending any confidential information separately by post.

1. Name and Address of Party responsible for Processing

The party responsible, which is subject to the DS-GVO (Data Protection Act) and other European privacy acts and agreements with legal character, is:

Rawa Stahlhandel GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 1
D - 42489 Wülfrath

Phone: +49 2058 78311-0


2. Contact Details of the Security Administrator

The contact details of the administrator in charge of data processing are:

Rawa Stahlhandel GmbH
Herr H. Schmitt
Lise-Meitner-Str. 1
D - 42489 Wülfrath

Phone: +49 2058 78311-0

You may contact our security administrator at any time if you have a request or suggestion regarding data protection.


3. Cookies

The website of Rawa Stahlhandel GmbH makes use of cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser.

Various web pages and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a Cookie-ID. A Cookie-ID is a distinct identification of the cookie which consists of a sequence of symbols with which websites and servers can be assigned to a certain Internet browser in which the cookie has been stored. This enables the websites and servers visited to distinguish your browser from those of other users. A certain Internet browser can be recognized and identified by a distinct Cookie ID.

By means of cookies Rawa Stahlhandel GmbH will provide you with a user-friendly service which would not otherwise be possible.

In addition cookies enable us to optimize all information and services on our web page as well as to recognise our visitors and facilitate the use of our website.

You have got the right to block and thus permanently object to the use of cookies on your browser at any time. You may also delete existing cookies with all common Internet browsers. Disabling cookies may of course limit the functionality of our website.

4. Collection of General Data and Information

When visiting our website we collect and store a certain amount of general data and information about you or an automated system. This general data and information is stored in “server log files”. These are:

    Browser type and browser version
    Operating system used
    Referrer URL
    Date and time of the server request
    IP address
    Related data and information intended to protect our IT System

We treat your personal data as strictly confidential and do not draw any conclusions from them. We require your information in order to:

    deliver the contents of our website precisely
    optimize contents as well as marketing
    guarantee a sustainable operation
    provide necessary information in case of a cyber attack and criminal prosecution

The anonymous data is analyzed both for statistical reasons as well as for the increase of data protection and security and thus ensuring an optimal level of privacy. The anonymous data of the server log files is stored separately from all other personal data stated.

5. Contacting us via our Website

Due to statutory regulations our website contains details that allow immediate contact and communication with our company. If you get in touch with us via email or the contact form, your personal data is automatically stored. Your personal data is provided unsolicitedly and transmitted for processing your matter. Personal data is not shared with any third party.


6. Routine Deletion and Blocking of Personal Data

As we are subject to European laws and directives, our administrator processes and stores personal data only as long as they are needed for certain purposes or as allowed by legislation.    

If storing purposes are void or the storing period stipulated expires, personal data is blocked or deleted in accordance with statutory regulations.

7. Rights regarding your Data

In the context of data processing you have the following rights:

    Right to confirmation (Art. 15 DSG-VO)
    Right to disclosure (Art. 15 DSG-VO)
    Right to correction (Art. 16 DSG-VO)
    Right to deletion (Art. 17 DSG-VO)
    Right to limited processing (Art. 18 DSG-VO)
    Right to data transfer (Art. 20 DSG-VO)
    Right to objection (Art. 21 DSG-VO)
    Right to complaint (Art. 15 DSG-VO)
    Right to revocation of consent (Art. 7 DSG-VO)

8. Privacy during Recruiting

For the execution of application procedures we raise and process personal data of our applicants. Processing may be carried out electronically as well if an applicant performs an online application e.g. via email or our web form. If the applicant is offered a contract all personal data is stored in accordance with statutory regulations. If an applicant is declined, all personal data is deleted unless needed for relevant future interests of the company, such as giving mandatory evidence in a lawsuit (acc. to AGG, the General Non-Discrimination Law).

9. Legal Basis of Processing

All of our company’s processing activities are carried out on your consent pursuant to Art. 6 I lit. a DS-GVO.

For fulfilling contractual obligations such as the delivery of goods or other services and performances we refer to your personal data in compliance with Art. 6 I lit. b DS-GVO.

The same applies to all processing activities preliminary to a contract, e.g. enquiries for our products and services.

To satisfy liabilities such as fiscal obligations we need to refer to your personal data according to Art. 6 I lit. c DS-GVO .

In rare cases, i.e. an accident or injury on our premises, the processing of personal data might be necessary to protect your vital interests or those of a third party pursuant to Art. 6 I lit. d DS-GVO.

Further processing activities which have not been previously mentioned comply with Art. 6 I lit. f DS-GVO and might be mandatory for the protection of our company’s rightful interests or those of a third party, on condition that the interests, basic rights and personal freedom of the person concerned is not violated. According to European legislation a rightful interest of a company might be assumed if the person concerned is our customer (Erwägungsgrund 47 Satz 2 DS-GVO).

10. Eligible Interests in Processing of the Party Responsible or a Third Party

If the processing of personal data is in compliance with Art. 6 I lit. f DS-GVO it is our right to carry out any business activity in favour of the well-being of our workforce and shareholders.

11. Retention Period of Personal Data

The criteria of retention of personal data depend on the respective safekeeping period. On termination of the period the corresponding data is regularly deleted unless needed for the execution of contracts or enquiries.

12. Statutory or Contractual Regulations Concerning the Provision of Personal Data; Requirements for Contract Conclusion; Individual Obligation to provide Personal Data; Potential Consequences in case of Non-Disclosure

Please note, that the provision of personal data is in certain circumstances legally required (e.g. tax regulations) or may result from contractual arrangements (e.g. information about a contracting party). In that context it may be mandatory for the contracting party to transmit personal information we need to process. Contracting parties are in principle required to provide personal data prior to the conclusion of a contract. A non-disclosure of personal data might prevent the conclusion of a contract.

Preliminary to any transmission of personal data we request you to contact a relevant member of our staff, who will assist you with any legal question and the statutory regulations regarding the disclosure of personal data or establish contact with the relevant representative.